About Steve O’Donnell

I’m Steve O’Donnell and I work in the Tauranga and Bay of Plenty area as a professional guitar teacher and coach for serious guitarists.

If you are just starting to play and feeling lost, I can get you on-track and on a path of guitar and music learning for a lifetimes enjoyment and growth.

If you’ve been playing for a little while and are stuck, not going any where with your current teacher, frustrated and confused from spending too much time surfing YouTube, I can help you clear away the clutter and get re-focussed fast!

My promise to you are guitar and music lessons that will inspire you to grow and learn!

I can help you to achieve your musical goals, and then set some new ones, in a completely open and friendly environment. Ask questions, make new guitar playing friends to share experiences with, join seminars and much more!

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“Playing guitar is something I have wanted to learn for such a long time yet I was getting more and more confused and frustrated trying to learn from online sources like Youtube.

Then I found Steve’s website, which focussed on asking about my frustrations and what he could do to help me through them, and I contacted him right away.

After even just a few lessons I thought, wow, I am actually learning to play guitar! Steve is very professional, patient, explains everything so well and always makes me feel comfortable; he actually listens to me to understand where I’m struggling and comes up with ways to get through it and enjoy both the learning and playing of guitar.

It’s just so cool now to be able to pick up my guitar and play; I would advise anyone who is thinking about guitar lessons to definitely go to Steve!”

Samantha (Sam) Bowman