Book of the Month – December 2017 – Master Your Theory by Dulcie Holland

MASTER YOUR THEORY by Dulcie Holland is a series of books from Grade 1 to 7, each of which is an instruction book and workbook combined.

It follows a comprehensive course which is planned so that you can begin with the very first principles of music theory and work gradually upwards through the grades. By working out the exercises which immediately follow each point made, you consolidate knowledge at every step of the way, and at the same time revise facts already learnt.

The course for those who wish to become better musicians as they learn more about how music is organised and written.


You can may work through them largely alone, reading the explanations and working out the exercises, by the real value comes in checking at lessons to make sure you have it right and learning how it applies to the guitar!

Maybe a great Christmas present? A solid knowledge of music theory will take you a long way in playing and understanding music as well as working with other musicians.