Book of the Month – July 2017 – It Might Get Loud

Book of the Month – July 2017 is actually a video titled ‘It Might Get Loud’. This is one video that should be watched by any guitarist interested in some very iconic players and style comparisons.

It Might Get Loud

It Might Get Loud

Rock icons Jimmy Page (Led Zeppelin), the Edge (U2) and Jack White (The White Stripes) from three different generations come together to discuss the electric guitar and their musical influences. The men swap stories and crank up their instruments on an empty soundstage for an amazing jam and story telling session. Along the way, they visit the majestic hall where “Stairway to Heaven” was composed, Jack White composes a song on-camera at a Tennessee farmhouse, and the Edge lays down tracks for a U2 single.

90 minutes of pure rock guitar and some really interesting insights to both the players and their musical approaches. Definitely watch it loud!

The video is available for purchase if you wish to have your own copy of you can watch it online here.