Frequently Asked Questions

Do you teach complete beginners?
Yes! I have taught loads of students who had never even held a guitar before. I will take you through everything you need to know to start playing your guitar and favourite songs in short order! You won’t stay a beginner for long.
What will I need to begin guitar lessons?
You will need your own guitar (either electric or acoustic), picks, a tuner, a notebook and a folder to store your lesson materials. These should be brought to each lesson. Electric guitarists will not need an amplifier. If you do not have any of these I’d be more than happy to help you find the right starter guitar and gear for your needs.
How much practice do I need to do?
The more practice you do, the more you will improve. Practising little and often is better than an occasional big practice. I will help you to establish a practice routine that fits your schedule and other life commitments.
How long and how often are the guitar lessons?
Guitar lessons are 1 on 1, 30 minute long sessions, once a week. If you would like a longer lesson, this can be arranged.
Do you run other workshops?
Yes, we regularly run workshops on a variety of topics to add to the lessons, ranging from care, maintenance and restringing your guitar, how to prepare and attend a jam sessions/open mic, to more in-depth theory or preparation for practical exams (ABRSM, Guilds etc). We also run regular casual drop in jam sessions and student meet and greets.
Am I too old to start to learn?
You’re never too old to start learning how to play and enjoy a musical instrument.
Will I need to learn music theory and how to sight read?
Playing music on any instrument is much like learning a new language! We teach the fundamentals in an enjoyable way keeping in mind that it is FAR MORE IMPORTANT to get a practical ability and understanding before you tackle any involved theory.
What if I can't make it to my guitar lesson?
A minimum of 24hr notice is required if you will not be able to attend your guitar lesson. The guitar lesson may be able to be made up at another time by arrangement.
Is there anything else I should know?

The quicker you get started the quicker you can learn, improve, impress and inspire yourself and others! 

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“I contacted Steve over a year ago after finding him on the internet; he was prompt to reply to my initial application.

Upon meeting Steve I found him to be professional, organized, highly skilled, obviously passionate and personable.

His lessons are very structured and tailored, and he provides me with the necessary theory/practical when I need it. We practice new skills during lessons then I get everything I need to refer to when practicing at home.

I feel very lucky to have him as my tutor, the progress I have made is extreme and most part is thanks to Steve.

If you want to learn to play guitar and understand music extremely well from someone who has every clue – call Steve now!”

Ashleigh (Ash) Ritchie

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